idWhere© Inventory Management System is an Enterprise software solution for “Advanced Pharmacy, Laboratory, Hospital, and standard product Inventory Management”. idWhere takes advantage of barcode and RFID technologies to provide inventory accuracy and performance, while complying with HIPAA regulations. idWhere’s Alerting system keeps everyone up to date via on-screen notifications, email, email-to-SMS, SNMP and more. idWhere offers an easy-to-use web browser interface for managing inventory, performing administration tasks, reporting, and much more.

idWhere uses the latest in 2D barcode and RFID technologies to be able to store and capture the item number, lot number, expiration date, quantity and packaging type in a single scan. The labels also identify the user that created the barcode and the full description of the product.

RFID tags are used to track the addition and removal of medical devices, vaccinations, mobile lab equipment, and to assist with billing and the tracking of patient care by monitoring which products are still on the shelf, which products have gone to what patients, and when they were provided.

For pharmaceutical products, idWhere is tightly coupled with a leading national Drug Data File for providing pricing, product descriptions, and collateral clinical information on drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), plus commonly used over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies, and dietary supplements.

idWhere© Inventory Management Features Include:
  • Inventory
    • Lot number/Expiration Date Tracking
    • Barcoded Order Forms and Pick/Wave Tickets with product identified by location and NDC code
    • Non-serialized and Serialized Inventory
    • Track all products using NDC, UPC, UCC and Hybrid Codes
    • Track all assets by Asset Tag/Serial Number
    • RF Picking/Physical/Cycle Counts of Item Numbers and NDCs
    • Fully Detailed Packing Slips containing per-carton Tracking Numbers and Contents
    • RF Put Away/Lookup within Tagged Warehouse location system
    • Reverse Vendor Returns
    • Product Threshold alerts and auto-purchase order generation for low-threshold products
  • Web "dashboard" showing outstanding Purchase Orders, Warehouse/Pharmacy Replenishment Orders, RMS and Reverse Vendor Orders, Dispense/Sales Orders and Low Inventory Threshold Products
  • Portable Data Terminals
    • Remote RF scanning of inventory
    • Using Spectrum-24 RF scanners and 2D (PDF417) barcoding technology, entire pallets and cartons can be scanned into inventory with a single scan
    • Review in-progress employee Receiving scans while they are happening
    • Direct-to-stock and put-away-to-bin capability
    • Reconciliation against Purchase Orders
    • "Scan-Tracking" for use in employee performance evaluations
  • Productivity Reporting

With idWhere© you can expect:

  • A significant human error reduction from typically an 8-20% error rate to a < 0.2% error rate
  • A minimum of 5% savings in Inventory Retention
  • Traceability of Worker's Responsibility for each operation
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance
  • Process Automation, system-directed replenishment and allocations with regard to orders with high priority
  • Immediate reporting on all facets of your inventory
  • Increased Inventory and Picking accuracy
  • A system independent of human factor
  • Accountability across the board