About Us
Xiacon, Inc., a private corporation founded in 2000, is a computer hardware services and software systems developer of compliance based solutions for the Mortgage Banking, Pharmaceutical, Health, and the Educational sectors. Our idMonitor(c) Environmental digital product line monitors refrigeration and freezer units, computer rooms, data centers, and other facilities for the conditions: temperature, humidity, power, flood/water, smoke/fire, air flow, room entry, motion, cameras & more. Alerting, logging and graphing are standard for all models. Automatic corrective actions resolve issues for a lights-out response, allowing ‘Disaster Prevention’ instead of ‘Disaster Recovery’. Our idWhere(c) Inventory and Assets Management solutions utilize barcoding and RFID technologies to properly manage your inventory and assets throughout your core facilities. Xiacon’s products are available worldwide from professional IT & facilities resellers. To learn more about any Xiacon product, visit us online at www.xiacon.com or call us at, 631-300-3500.