idMonitor© Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring System

idMonitor is Xiacon’s hardware solution for “Advanced Pharmacy, Laboratory and Information Technology Environment Monitoring, Alerting & Automatic Corrective Action” at a low price. Through our collective partnership with Avtech, a leader in environmental monitoring, our collaboration efforts have yielded a unique and proven solution for the Pharmaceutical industry.  We have developed the idMonitor, which  has a built-in web server that allows alert notifications via email, email-to-SMS, SNMP, and can be configured both wired and wirelessly. idMonitor offers an easy to use web browser interface for settings changes and viewing real-time temperature and environment sensor status from anywhere. idMonitor monitors refrigeration and freezer units ranging from very small to extremely large in any type of facilities.

Also included:

  • A License for idMonitor's powerful Data Harvester for network-wide data capture monitoring
  • Built-in Digital Temperature Sensor, Factory Reset Button & Right Light “Alert” identifier
  • Allows 6 external Digital Temperature sensors for use up to 100´ from idMonitor
  • Includes MUPS, 6 external Digital Glycol Temperature Sensor Ports and 1 Switch Sensor
  • Use idMonitor’s built-in web server with our Data Harvester software, or any SNMP application to monitor unlimited units across your network
  • idMonitor allows real-time monitoring, advanced alerting by email/email-to-SMS/SNMP & more, Fahrenheit/Celsius, high/low watermarks, logging/graphing software & much more
  • Use idMonitor with or without a host system. That’s right... No PC Required
  • …and much more…
idWhere© Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

idWhere© EMS is Xiacon’s enterprise browser-based graphical software solution for plotting temperature charts and creating compliance reporting and alerts. The features are:
  • Track an unlimited number of idMonitors
  • Data readings are fed by the Data Harvester into a Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Data readings can be captured down to the second
  • Graph based on “Presets” for the Past 24 hours, Current Week, Current Month, etc.
  • Create Users and Groups, and associate idMonitors to these groups for isolated alerting
  • Create your own Alerts and Warnings. You can create many operational ranges, warnings and alerts respective to each sensor
Digital Fluid Glycol Temperature Sensor
Xiacon’s Digital Fluid Glycol Temperature Sensor provides real-time temperature values from -67 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit and/or -55 to 125 degrees Celsius. Accuracy is within + / - 0.5 degrees.

The Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor consists of a temperature probe encased in a sealed tube containing Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is a colorless liquid with extremely low freezing and high boiling points. Its non-conductive nature makes it a perfect sensor for monitoring the temperature of fluids in extreme environments such as labs that monitor vaccines, plasma, IV bags and/or other specimens, aquariums, refrigeration devices or other locations where fluid temperature must be monitored and/or regulated.

When used with Xiacon’s idMonitor environment monitor, the Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor will feed temperature data back to the ID box every two seconds in real-time, for data logging, graphing, alerting and automatic corrective action.

This is an instant 'Plug & Play' sensor via one of the standard RJ-11 jacks on any compatible idMonitor device. Cable distance can be extended from the standard 30’ to approximately 100' by using Xiacon’s RJ-11 (telephone) Extension Cable & Coupler.
Our sensor offerings include:
  • Digial Fluid
  • Digital Temperature (Air Flow)
  • Digital Humidity
  • Main / UPS Power
  • Flood / Water
  • Smoke / Fire
  • Motion, Room Entry
  • Air Flow
  • Sound, Light, Door Open
  • Panic Buttons
  • Wireless Sensor Hubs
  • Relays, Lights, Cameras & More